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There is a polyurethane foam cover considered as an excellent substitute for investing in a foam mattress. The body wishes using the cover instead, because not everyone are able to afford the polyurethane foam bed you could instead have the ease. That is also great for those individuals who wished to purchase the memory mattress-but aren't yet sure when it is worth the expenditures they have to pay for. By purchasing a pad you might experience what sort of memory foam bed could be if buying the bed will be worthwhile like to ensure that one to know. mattress ratings This kind of topper also enables the distribution of one's bodyis weight and stress points, presents your back an improved assistance to relieve you from back problems which you sometimes experience on additional cover and mattresses. Whenever you put around the foam it'll form the human body when you receive of the foam it will slowly come back to its original form. Memory foam can be called viscoelastic foam, NASA manufactured it inside the 1970's. This foam was made to support the astronauts. The materials were extremely expensive to-use as a beds, but then it discovered a place around the medical industry. The foam helped the individual inside their restoration and at the same time presents ease inside their sleep to them. Later on they found techniques for your foam to become affordable by regular customers. The foam combined with compounds that include weight and width and is constructed of polyurethane foam levels. If you are on it the polyurethane foam topper molds onto your body, in the same time it responds to the temperature your body releases and you the heat you'll need in your sleep. You also need to find out this foam is temperature reactive, so that ensures that it'll become firm when itis chilly and it becomes soft when itis hot. Here are a few of the benefits which you'll get when you use a polyurethane foam mattress pad. -Relieves pains back. -You'll have an improved evening's rest with all the memory topper on top of your mattress when compared with sleeping entirely on your mattress. - It putting within your sleep and lessens your change. Here are some listings of queen sized foam covers that you can find on the net.